The Outlander is our newest addition to our teardrop sleeper family. As with the smaller brother “The Weekender” we offer many different packages for this trailer. This is also a fully customized trailer built for you needs. The body width can be either 48″ or 60″. Our standard size is 48″ wide with a base length of 84″. Standard on all our models is a 26″ x 36″ door on both side of trailer. As with all our trailers we only use LED lights inside and out. This trailer is built on a welded “C” channel aluminum frame with a 2″ x 2″ square tube aluminum tongue. The tongue also offers a “C” channel aluminum “A” frame brace. Also a standard feature on this trailer is 4 telescoping jack stabilizers. 

In the Cabin;

  • 14″ x 14″ ventilation vent with 2-way multi speed thermostat controlled fan.
  • 12v battery with charging system
  • one 110 outlet with GFCI,
  • one 12v charging port
  • 2 USB charging ports. 
  • Spacious storage with LED lighting
  • LED light ring
  • Battery voltage meter 

In the Galley;

  • 2 burner gas stove sink combo
  • one 110 outlet
  • one 12v charging port
  • 2 USB charging ports
  • Two LED lights
  • Storage Shelf
  • Fuse pane

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The Exterior 

  • Tig welded aluminum “C” channel frame
  • 2″ by 2″ aluminum “A” frame tongue
  • Base of the body is comprised of 1/2″ hardwood plywood coated with a waterproof liquid rubber.
  • Walls are constructed of 3/4″ hardwood plywood sandwiched between Formica on the inside and either aluminum or fiberglass on the outside. 
  • The roof uses hardwood ribs with foam insulation sheathed with plastic paneling inside and either aluminum or fiberglass panel 
  • 1 7/8″ coupler with 20″ of safety chain
  • Flat four connector for easy connection
  • LED  side marker lights and tail lights 


  • Aluminum Rims with radial tires
  • Visual and Audio Package
  • Rear hitch receiver for luggage rack or bike rack
  • 270° Batwing Awning
  • Roof Rack System
  • 2 burner gas stove sink combo