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The Weekender Lite is our entry level teardrop sleeper. When you are tired of tent camping, but dont want a giant trailer. The weekender light is a great option for an entry level camper. This trailer is available in either a 40″ or 48″ wide depending on your needs. The base length of 72″, this does not consider the arched front or back. Standard on all our models is one 26″ x 32″ door and one 20″ x 30″ window. As with all our trailers we only use LED lights inside and out. Also, standard is 12″ tires with steel rim. 14″ x 14″ ventilation vent with 2-way fan. 12v battery with charging system, one 110 outlet with GFCI, one charging port with 2 USB charging ports. Contact us for a full list of features. All weighing in at about 360 pounds

The Exterior 

  • Tig welded aluminum “C” channel frame
  • 2″ by 2″ aluminum “A” frame tongue
  • Base of the body is comprised of 1/2″ hardwood plywood coated with a waterproof liquid rubber.
  • Walls are constructed of 3/4″ hardwood plywood sandwiched between Formica on the inside and either aluminum or fiberglass on the outside. 
  • The roof uses hardwood ribs with foam insulation sheathed with plastic paneling inside and either aluminum or fiberglass panel 
  • 1 7/8″ coupler with 20″ of safety chain
  • Flat four connector for easy connection
  • LED  side marker lights and tail lights 

Available Options;

  • Aluminum Rims with radial tires
  • Second Door (in place of window)
  • LED accent lighting package
  • Upgraded Electrical package (adds additional power outlets)
  • Lithium battery and charging system
  • Off the door changing area
  • Solar panel charging system
  • More options coming soon

* Weights are based on standard size trailers and may vary depending on size and options.

** Mattress is not included please contact for quote.

Click Here To Create Your Own Quote
Click Here To Create Your Own Quote

In The Cabin

  • A Fantastic vent 14″ x 14″ ventilation vent with 2-way multi speed thermostat controlled fan.
  • 12v 35 AMP HR battery with 35 amp charging system
  • Rear cabin storage area with access doors inside
  • one 110 outlet with GFCI,
  • one 12v charging port
  • 2 USB charging ports.
  • LED light ring
  • Battery voltage meter

Link is for personal quote only. Filling out quote does not constitute a sales contract. Prices subject to change without notice.

**Lead-time is very dependent upon how long our current “Build-Que” is at the time an order is placed. Average lead time is often in the neighborhood of 6-8 weeks. Complexity of build also has some effect on lead time. Note: We are unable to guaranty a specific date for completion of your teardrop. We do try to keep as close as possible to our projected time estimate. We highly recommend you do not plan a vacation around our estimate as a hard date.